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GIAN GLOBAL METALLURGICAL SERVICES was founded in 2014 in Tanzania as a corresponding strategic business Unit of Kilamongo Gold Limited, which was established in 2014 in Musoma - Mara, Tanzania. The company is engaged in mineral processing, mineral engineering and metallurgical process services and provides other relative mineral development services business.


Company Profile

GIAN GLOBAL METALLURGCAL SERVICES and KILAMONGO GOLD LIMITED, together share all resources such as manpower, technology and equipment. We have achieved great accomplishments in safety and quality of metallurgical services, for Tarani Gold Mine project and we have gained good reputations from construction of vat leaching units. We adhere to the operation philosophy of “Client focused services keep a foothold in the market place”. Externally, we take it on our own to satisfy clients’ needs while internally we are in pursuit of maximum sense of achievement and fulfillment of our staff. We aim to create more value for society, build excellent quality of engineering projects and offer excellent services.


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Company Number: 84840

Country of Registration: Tanzania

Jamatikhan Street

Plot No. 59, P. O. Box 1316



Samora/Mirambo Street

NIC Investment House, 4th Floor

P.O Box 6708 Dar-es-Salaam

Phone: +255-22-2123651

Fax: +255 -22-21-23653


Weekdays: 8:30AM - 5.00PM

Weekends: 9.00AM - 2.00PM




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